Cobra Plastics Green Initiatives

In 2008, Cobra Plastics designed and built a new facility to not only expand our capacity but to cut down our environmental impact and energy dependencies. We continue to strive in our efforts in becoming a greener company. Along with the below mentioned initiatives, we have implemented LEAN manufacturing principles to maximize our efficiencies.

  • The Cobra Plastics facility was expanded off of an existing structure allowing the reuse of building materials from the existing structure.
  • The ratio of the building’s footprint versus the surrounding habitat was minimized by the replanting of trees, shrubs, and grass areas requiring little or no water maintenance.
  • The facility is conveniently located close to city services and bus routes reducing transportation energies.
  • An abundance of windows and skylights reduce the need of artificial lighting, and occupancy sensors in all offices, bathrooms and break rooms automatically turn off electricity in the rooms when not in use.
  • All lighting in the production areas is T5 rated fluorescent lighting which runs cooler requiring less electricity.
  • The water fixtures are all low flow units that have motion sensors to eliminate the potential of wasted water.
  • Cobra Plastics is among a small demographic to incorporate a closed loop air cooled chiller system into an injection molding facility. This state of the art system is used to cool the molds and injection molding presses and require less energy due to less operating equipment needed. It also uses magnetic bearings that do not require greases, oils or maintenance. This closed loop system does not require any additional make up water after the first fill, nor does it create waste water necessitating disposal.
  • Preventative maintenance schedules allow for the equipment to operate at maximum efficiencies.
  • Variable speed control motors are used on all injection presses to reduce the amount of energy consumed.
  • An on site railroad spur and large capacity resin silos allow for larger volume railcar delivery, decreasing the frequency of semi-truck deliveries and subsequent energies related to it.
  • Designated recycling bins for all scrap plastic are placed throughout production areas to collect and grind. The recycled content is used to produce new black colored caps when possible.
  • All corrugated used is recycled and optimized carton sizes are used to fit the maximum amount of caps per box, per pallet, and subsequently per truckload.
  • The corrugated carton supplier has achieved the Sustainable Forestry Initiative certification. The SFI® label on cartons signifies that over 2/3 of their raw materials come from SFI® certified wood fiber suppliers or recycled paper sources.
  • When possible, Cobra’s customers assist with environmental initiatives by eliminating the need for pallets or implementing a carton and pallet return program.
  • New cap styles are designed with the goal of reducing any unnecessary plastic while keeping the integrity of the caps. Existing cap styles have also been redesigned to reduce their plastic gram weight from the non-critical areas of the cap.
  • Cobra employees are committed to recycling all paper products, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans to reduce the amount of landfill contribution. Collection bins are also onsite to encourage the recycling of ink cartridges, batteries, electronic waste, and even food and coffee remains.
  • Many of the environmental measures already implemented have been generated from great ideas from Cobra employees. Cobra team members, vendors, and customers are welcomed and encouraged to share their suggestions on new ways we can be ‘green’.